When we planned Q2 back at the beginning of 2020, when quarantines were a thing of the past and social distancing was unheard of, we originally planned a digital detox for the month of April.

[I know – it made us laugh too. Can you imagine us attempting to push through with our original plan when the majority of our entire lives — from church to our jobs to our kids school — went digital?!]

So here we are, with the world slowly beginning to open back up in phases, after basically three months of living our lives at home and online. If there was ever a time to have an excuse for being overly digitally dependent, it’s now! But rather than excuse some of the bad habits we’ve picked up, it’s time to proactively fight against digital addiction.

So each Friday in July, we’ve been sharing one tip on our social media channels (Follow us on Instagram and Facebook) if you’re not already connected to us!)

Here are all five tips we’ve shared so far:

Need a few more? Inside swHw membership, we’ve put together a new resource with ten ways to fight against digital addiction as well as a full-blown “swHw tech check” to help you to do an overhaul of your personal digital habits as well help you establish digital guidelines for your home.

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