In class this week, Michelle Myers broke down the difference between selfish ambition and Kingdom ambition with a deep dive into God’s Word.

She also busted the myth of having to wait to be ambitious. Jesus said — “the harvest is plentiful (aka – the work is ready!) but the workers are few” (Matthew 9:37).

If we find ourselves looking for something to do, we’re likely waiting for the wrong work. King David had to wait 15-20 years to become king, but he got to work right away — killing Goliath, winning battles, serving Saul, etc.

But first, she gave us this little quiz, because it’s hard to learn and grow if we don’t first evaluate.

  • Is it difficult for you to celebrate others?

  • Is it tough for you to turn your brain off/rest/slow down?

  • Do you struggle to listen to others?

  • Do you try to do God’s work without God?

  • Do you frequently dream of getting your “big break?”

  • Do you often pursue something new after watching someone have success?

  • Do you equate your purpose in life with your achievements?

Count your # of yes’s to figure out how much self is included in your ambition.

Need a bit of a course correction?
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