Turns out, most of us are probably making goal-setting harder than we should. Not only that — we may be setting the wrong goals completely.

But before we can simplify, we must evaluate. The kind of goals you should be setting depends on the kind of goal-setter you are. Take our quiz to find out!

Directions: Tally the number of 1’s and 2’s you get from the following eight questions. Scoring details below. (But take the quiz first!)

With conflict, I:

  1. Avoid it.
  2. Enjoy it.
When people share their struggles, I:
  1. Listen
  2. Try to fix it
When it comes to motivation:
  1. I don’t really know what motivates me.
  2. I know exactly what motivates me.
If my husband loads the dishwasher wrong, I:
  1. Quietly rearrange it
  2. Loudly rearrange it while giving a TedTalk on how to do it correctly
If someone cuts me off in traffic, I:
  1. Ignore
  2. Honk, yell, scream, etc.
For me:
  1. Patience is easy.
  2. Waiting is a form of torture.
When it comes to friendship:
  1. I struggle with deep friendships (I tend to let people talk over me)
  2. I struggle with new friendships (I get frustrated with surface level + want to go deep)
If I’m going out to dinner with a group, everyone knows:
  1. I’ll go anywhere the group wants to go.
  2. I’m picking the restaurant.


1 = Passive
2 = Ambitious

Examine your answers + look for patterns. Are there areas of you life where you tend to be ambitious and areas where you tend to be passive? (Maybe you’re ambitious at work, but passive at home or visa versa?)

Now that you’ve personalized, it’s time to simplify + get practical! Somer Phoebus taught a Goal-Setting Workshop inside membership this week, and you’re invited!

In the workshop, Somer covered:

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  • warning signs to be aware of when goal-setting
  • secular goals vs. spiritual goals
  • when goals are actually accomplished (the answer may surprise you!)

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