It has been a tragic week in our world. Much of our community is hurting in ways we so badly wish we could take away. Whether you’ve spent hours on end teaching this week, or you’re on the side of needing to do some major learning and unlearning, none of us can deny the heaviness.

So before we share our regular weekly recap, we must share this:

Women of color, specifically to those of you apart of this community, you are SO loved! We are listening! Thank you for the gracious and godly ways you are engaging with us and those around you. We are honored by your presence and your voice — which we promise to help elevate. We also promise to not just be click-tivists, doing the bare minimum for social media likes, but to be actual ACTIVISTS fighting for you and your families in the times and places that no one is looking. Not because it’s trendy or even just morally right, but because as believers — we are called to this. Standing up for justice and the oppressed is exactly what Jesus did, and we will follow and do the same.

In class Wednesday, Michelle Myers talked us through the Great Commandment in a way we haven’t been able to get out of our heads (and hearts!) since. Read the image above if you haven’t had a chance to listen in yet.

Bottom line: the gospel does not allow for us to put ourselves first — to choose our own comfort, needs, or preferences over God and others. As our friend Lisa Whittle says often, “Jesus over everything.” And also, you before me. (God is so sovereign in the tiniest details to allow Romans 12:9-21 to be the text planned for our conversation on Christ-Centered Conflict.)

In Him, we can hurt and still have hope. He is our peace, our perseverance, our confidence, and the only answer. Nothing is too big for Him to handle, and as His hands and feet, there are steps we can all take today + in the days ahead.

Let’s say it together: Jesus over everything + you before me.

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