GO. BACK. TO. SIMPLE. All the virtual “amens!” rang out when Somer Phoebus said this as she closed out class Wednesday.

Listen, we get it! Your routine has more than likely been interrupted and your expectations will most definitely need to be adjusted, but you know what hasn’t changed? God’s love for you. Nothing is a surprise to Him. He has gone before us — even in something as simple as preparing our class schedule here at swHw.

If you didn’t hear us talk about this in stories this week, this class has been on our calendar for months. The Lord knew what we would need and He knew exactly when we would need it. If He cared enough to do that, don’t you think He’s got the rest of this craziness under control?

So while you’re home a little more than usual,, you might as well let us help lighten your load with these SIMPLE household systems that you can implement immediately.

Here are the five systems and our favorite tip from each of them! Not a member yet? Get the rest of the details + the printable resource that you can use to create and implement your systems by joining here!

1. Planning/Scheduling
“Communication is the #1 way that you will be efficient in your time and allow your family to function as a team.”

2. Household Chores
“Figure out the WHO, WHAT, and WHEN for all of the household chores and you won’t find yourself spending the entire weekend playing catch up.”

3. Finances
“For the most part, you should know what you have, know what you owe, and know what’s left.”

4. Generosity
“You should both plan and prepare to be generous.”

5. Health (Spiritual/Physical)
“God’s Word + prayer need to be an intentional part of your everyday.”

“It’s not about self-care as much as it’s about stewardship.”

And there’s so much more! Join now and gain access to this class + resource immediately (plus connection to a community of incredible women we all need more than ever!)

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