Of all the struggles that exist for working moms, can we all agree that one of the top plaguing problems is figuring out how to get dinner on the table after being at work all day?

I’m with you, friend. Same here! With a husband who’s frequently on the road and two teenage girls bouncing between school and sports, no two nights seem to look the same in our home.

But that doesn’t change that dinner has to get done.

Here are some tips that have worked for our family:

#1: PLAN.

  • On Saturday, I spend about 5-10 minutes talking with the kids; asking what they would like for dinner the upcoming week (My husband and I will usually just eat whatever the kids eat, only with more veggies! 😂)
  • Together, we plan the meals based on their Monday – Friday evening schedule.
  • For the nights with a busier schedule, we have a 10-minute meal. (More on that later!)
  • The kids write out the menu plan for the week and pin it to the fridge (Now, they actually keep me on track with what’s for dinner!)


  • Many grocery stores now offer grocery pick-up either free or for a minimal fee.
  • Select the date and time for pick-up based on when you have time to meal prep for the upcoming week. It does you no good to pick-up if you don’t have time to prep. (I pick-up on Sunday afternoon after church!)


  • Instant Pot (cooks chicken — thawed or frozen — and many other foods FAST)
  • Hand mixer (shreds chicken in 5 mins or less)
  • Mezzaluna salad chopper (makes chopping salads effortless)

BONUS (and most important!) TIP: GIVE YOURSELF GRACE.

If your plan for dinner falls through, and you end up with PB&J sandwiches and applesauce or eggs and bacon, your kids will still love you, and you’re still serving them. The loving conversations around the dinner table matter more than the meal, and no doubt, that’s what your kids will remember anyway.

Dana Atkins

Dana has worked in the insurance industry for 20+ years and she also runs a side business online as a health and fitness coach. She, her husband Nate, and her 2 daughters Sydney and Jadyn live in Huntington, MD. Dana is coming up on her one year anniversary as a swHw member this month!