We’ve explained the difference between planning and tracking before, but there’s one more key difference between the swHw Business Tracker and a planner:

Most planners don’t come equipped with hundreds of business tips. The swHw Business Tracker does.

In fact, as Jami G. said when her tracker arrived: “Access to the guide alone is worth the purchase of the tracker!”

So here’s a sneak peek of seven business tips you’ll find inside the swHw Business Tracker:

1. Track your todays.

Goals aren’t just for monthly, quarterly, and yearly tracking. Setting daily goals is a huge factor in whether or not you show up consistently. Our tracker keeps it simple by aligning your daily goals with your daily priorities — and then holds you accountable to moving fromthought àtask àdone. 

2. Social media content creation isn’t hard…if you’re working.

As you work, you’re constantly sharing information and encountering stories that would be valuable to share with future and current customers. Our business tracker allows you to collect and organize all of your thoughts, ideas, and information in a single location so you are always prepared with valuable content to share.

3. Wowing your customers and co-workers (whether planned or spontaneous!)always requires a willingness to serve them first.

Serving others well is not only the point of effective work, but also the key to true success. Almost every prompt inside the business tracker helps you to organize your plans and your day around God and others.

4. Make the habit of pursuing humility and gratitude.

We can’t just pray to be humble and grateful. We must pursue humility and gratitude until they become habits. Habits don’t just happen though. They’re developed over time. The prompts inside our tracker pages will help you develop these traits in your regular routine.

5. You can’t just work in your business – you also have to work ON your business.

The tension of business ownership is being able to simultaneously cast vision and live in the trenches. Most leaders tend to get so consumed in the details of the day-to-day that vision falls on the back burner. The prompts inside our tracker ensure you give sufficient attention to both being intentional for today and improving for the future.

6. Prayer is productive.

Praying for your business is the single greatest activity you can do. That’s why you’ll find prayer threaded throughout the prompts – beginning with the quarterly tracker and all the way through to the daily tracking pages. After all, if we’re going to keep our hustle holy, we need far more of God than we need more of us.

7. It’s easy to think that we need someone else to give us the right answers. But most of the time, we just need someone to ask us the right questions.

Sometimes, you’re so close to your business that it’s hard to step back and gain the clarity you need. It’s not so much that you need someone to give you the answers as it is that you need someone to help you gain perspective. And perspective is propelled by the right questions. So that’s what our prompts are: questions that, when answered, will help you move your business forward.

Every quarter.

Every month.

Every week.

And every day.

Get your swHw Business Tracker here – now available at a new lower price!