It says it in the product title…but we get it. It’s hard to know the difference between planning and tracking. (And trust us – we love our planners too, so this is NOT to say you don’t need a planner!) But we’d love to share three ways planning and tracking are different…which is why as a Christian woman in business, there’s a place on your desk for a planner and a swHw Business Tracker!

1. Planning allows you to assign + complete tasks. Tracking allows you to evaluate a task’s effectiveness.

We all know that it requires much less effort to mindlessly go through the motions instead of intentionally giving of our best. Most business tools focus on what you get out of doing business, but marketplace ministry requires us to put our focus on what we give. So rather than just marking a task as “done,” tracking forces us to assess if our work matters.

2. Planning keeps you on scheduleTracking keeps you on mission.

No doubt, one of the biggest enemies of discipline is distraction. We can assure you – our goal is not to overwhelm you with tons of platforms, spotlights and shiny stuff. Our goal is to cut the fluff and focus on the activity that reminds you why you began your business in the first place. (P.S. The awesome news is that working this way doesn’t just motivate you – it inspires your customers and keeps them coming back!)

3. Planning helps you be responsible. Tracking holds you accountable.

Throughout our prompts, you’ll see regular reminders to not just have a great business, but to have a great life. For example:

  • Beginning my work day with prayer + gratitude requires me to make sure God is genuinely the one leading my business, not me.
  • Ending my work day with the Proverbs 31:28 test: to evaluate if that day’s actions prove my highest praise was from my family
  • Trusting God with 1/7 of my productivity by keeping His Sabbath holy

Bottom line: planning and tracking BOTH matter. But if tracking is a missing piece of the puzzle for you, we know the swHw Business Tracker will help! Got questions? Just ask! (Email [email protected] and Teeny will get back with you soon!) You can get a peek of the inside and probably get the majority of your questions answered here, but if you’ve got more questions, we’re always happy to hear from you!

And don’t forget – you can subscribe and save instantly! No coupon code needed. Just hassle free re-ordering + savings every quarter until you tell us otherwise.

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