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The swHw Business Tracker is like having a business mentor that sits on your desk, guiding you through the behind-the-scenes activity that is crucial to your business growth.

By following the tracker prompts, you’ll be able to make proactive progress through a reactive system.

Every tracker represents one quarter in business, including:

  • 1 Quarterly Evaluation
  • 3 Monthly Evaluations (1 for each month of the quarter)
  • Weekly Goals + Execution (5 weeks are included for every month!)
  • Daily Goals + Execution (5 work days are included for every week!)

Our system ensures you work in your business and you work on your business. Most importantly, our tracker constantly points you to seek God in every step you take.

We don’t want you to waste your time – in business or in life. In using this system, you won’t just see a difference in your business, you’ll feel a difference in how you work.

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In stock