We believe that the decision to be in God’s Word positively affects every other decision we make. While we pray our swHw teachings remind you of what God has already said, there’s no replacement for going straight to the source of His Word, which is why we like to provide a free Bible reading plan every year – whether you are a swHw member or not.

We heard such great feedback of how much you loved 2018’s chronological plan that we’re keeping that approach for this year too — but we also heard from many of you that it was hard waiting until October to dive into the New Testament. (We felt the same way!)

This year’s plan includes a side-by-side chronological reading plan of the Old Testament and the New Testament. This way, you’ll get a slower-paced read of the life of Jesus + spreading of the gospel all year long, alongside a historical reading of the Old Testament. You can think of the Old Testament as a sonogram – a picture of what was to come – and the New Testament as a living, breathing snapshot of God coming down to do for us what we could never do on our own.

Two more things: If you can’t commit to reading the entire Bible in a year (There’s no rule that says you have to!), you can choose to focus on either the Old Testament or the New Testament. You’ve got options!

Also, we opted to make this year a 5-day plan to allow for more flexibility in your reading and study of God’s Word, given that many of you are involved in different Bible studies throughout the year, as well as faithful in church attendance,  However, feel free to spread it out to 6-7 days if that works better for you.

Bottom line? The power isn’t in the plan; the power is in God’s Word. Make His Word a regular part of your life, and it will radically change your life.

We’d love to have you as a member where you can dig deeper in community.

Download the 2019 Plan!