Prayer isn’t just part of our event planning; it’s the backbone. We can’t create a spiritual experience; God must show up. With so many of you traveling to us, there are so many details, we could never know them all…but HE does. For this month, we’ve put together a daily prayer prompt, rooted in Scripture, that covers the biggest burdens God has placed on our hearts—before, during and after Narrow. 

Narrow Prayer Guide Img

We invite you to print this prayer guide + post it somewhere where you’ll see it and can pray with us daily. It encourages us SO much to know that you’re praying with us!

God, come and do what only You can do – we love You!

P.S. If your business/ministry runs events, we encourage you to use this as a template to create a prayer plan for your event. Bottom line: God’s power is required to do His work. We pray this template blesses you in what He has entrusted you with!

And it’s STILL not too late for you to be with us. Head to to join us!

Download the Prayer Guide!