You go to buy your Narrow ticket…and then that twinge of doubt pops up, and you hesitate.

Been there? Here’s the deal: We get it.

After all, when family matters to us more than work, the reality is that it’s HARD to choose to spend a weekend away from them. Logistics aside, we know that you love them and it’s a sacrifice to take that time away.

We know…because we feel the same way.

But there’s a struggle that we have to talk about. Because right now, there’s a version of “Christianity” being twisted that says you can love Jesus without having to follow Him.

And that gospel sells.

In fact, it’s especially being fed to the business crowd because people like that message. That message is helping people grow their followings because it says that, no matter what people believe or how people want to live, they can claim to “love” Jesus, but not have to change.

And friend, that gospel may sell, but it doesn’t save.

We need to have this conversation in person. We need to lock eyes, grab hands, fall on our knees, and cry out to God. Then we need to link arms as we go back to our respective homes and careers, fiercely committed to our eternal mission within our earthly assignments.

That’s our goal for our time together. Yes, we will address how to fulfill our earthly assignments with excellence. But we’re also going to make sure that our success doesn’t end when we take our last breath.

That’s our heart; so if that’s your heart, too, let us address more of the practical side of what may be making you hesitate in committing to come:

I don’t know anyone else coming…

That’s exactly why you should come! One of the hardest parts of being a Christian woman in business is how isolated we so often feel. You may come alone, but you will NOT leave alone! You’ll leave resourced, encouraged, and with an entourage of prayer warriors in your corner! (Just think, you’re going to be in a room full of YOU’s!)

I don’t think I can afford a ticket…

Have you prayed about it? As business women, we often try to make decisions on our own. We never want anyone to make an unwise decision, but we also know that this conference will position you for growth – spiritually, personally, and professionally. We’re not telling you to ignore your bank account. We’re just asking you to pray about it!

I’m at the beginning of my business. I don’t know if I’ll fit in…

That’s the beauty of being a she works HIS way woman. It has nothing to do with the size of your business, and it has everything to do with your level of passion, commitment, and priority. If God is first, family is second, and your business is third, we assure you — you’ll fit in!

I’m not sure I can be gone for an entire weekend…

Have you asked your support system, or are you just assuming? Your husband/grandma + grandpa/aunt +uncle would probably jump at the chance for some more intentional time with your kids AND be able to simultaneously do a grandiose gesture of loving on YOU by gifting you with a weekend away with your tribe. So ask them. Don’t think about what you might be missing, but what everyone involved might gain.

I never leave my kids… what will I do without them?!

You’re not a bad mom for investing in yourself for a weekend + coming home refreshed. The time alone with Jesus to worship + learn might be just what you need to be your best at work…and at home.

Here are a few quick links to help you navigate the event site:

Have more questions? We’ve got answers! Just comment below and we’ll happily answer any question you’ve got about Narrow – or swHw in general!

We love you, and we are praying for you!

I’m in!