We’re so excited to share our speakers for this year’s Narrow Conference! As promised, we’ve added a little extra to the typical boring bios. Each speaker was required to answer one fun question about themselves or their spouse. Check it out below.


Michelle Myers

What fictional character best describes you? Do I have to pick just one? I feel like I’m a mesh of Monica Gellar (Friends), Leslie Knope (Parks + Rec) and Moana. Ya know, assuming they all found Jesus…

Michelle had no idea what started as a Google hangout at 5am with three friends would one day result in the title of “founder” of she works His way. But here we are, almost five years later, with hundreds of you joining us, gathering for the same reason we started: How can I glorify God, honor my family, and serve others at work?

She’s the creator of Network Marketing Nobility and the swHw Business Tracker, the author of Famous in Heaven and at Home, and a certified StoryBrand Guide and Copywriter. Basically, her work happy place is pulling out of others what God already put in them.

Home will always be her favorite place to be, which is wherever her family is: her husband, James, and their three children, Noah (7), Cole (4) and Shea (2).


James Myers

What is something that Michelle is good at, but she’d never admit it? She’s classically trained in piano, but would never play in public.

James became the she works His way Business Manager after stepping down from his role as a campus pastor in August 2016, following their growing ministries and growing family. His team responsibilities stretch from teaching to bookkeeping, but we’d all agree, he keeps the swHw team on task and on track.

James is a shepherd at heart, but sees the world through a Microsoft Excel lens. (Yes, that’s a weird combination!) He is most passionate about teaching stewardship, leadership, family, and personal productivity, which are all included as part of his new tool, The Life Purpose Statement Action Plan.

James and Michelle have been married 10 years, and have three children: Noah (7), Cole (4) and Shea (2).

Sharie King

What’s one song or artist on the radio that Clayton would lose his voice singing with? Clayton would lose his voice singing Bon Jovi, Living on a Prayer.

Sharie is wife to Clayton, mother to Jacob and Joseph and a dog named Theo. She loves art, traveling, biking, a good book, and hiking followed by a spa day.

When she was twelve, she couldn’t imagine doing anything with her life but serve Jesus. She and her husband, founded Clayton King Ministries in 1996 and have been serving in ministry together ever since. Clayton King Ministries exists to serve the local church, to preach the gospel and make disciples. Sharie fulfills this calling through her podcast, traveling and speaking, and writing books and blogs.

Her greatest desire in ministry is to help women move forward in their faith and finish their race well!

Clayton King

What’s the nerdiest thing that you’re in to? Probably my obsession with historical documentaries. I can watch them for hours. WW2, Roman Empire, Greek culture, Victorian England…and anything Ken Burns does on American history (Dust Bowl, Great Depression, CIvil War).

Clayton King is an author, an evangelist, a professor, a pastor, a husband and a dad.

He graduated from Gardner-Webb University in 1995 as a Presidential Scholar and Outstanding Graduate of the Year.  He is a Distinguished Professor of Evangelism at Anderson University in SC and has sold over 250,000 copies of his 9 books.  He is the Founder & President of Clayton King Ministries, a large non-profit that has sent over 1,000 people on long-term and short term international trips. Clayton is also a teaching Pastor at NewSpring Church in Anderson, SC.

He began his public speaking career at age 14, and has spoken to over 3 million people in 45 states and over 32 countries.  He loves his wife, his two sons, black coffee, a good book, and riding 4 wheelers.  He prefers Wal-Mart over Target and Apple over Google.


Somer Phoebus

What actress would play you in a movie? Zooey Deschanel (New Girl, 500 Days of Summer, Elf)

Somer is a lead communicator for swHw and our resident productivity princess. Outside of productivity, her areas of expertise are brick and mortar consulting and corporate or ministry team training. She is called to encourage and equip female leaders and to help them build businesses that will shine the light of Jesus in their communities and serve as a bridge to the local church.
But as much as she loves all of that, Somer’s most favorite titles are wife to Kent, and mom to Kennedi (18) and Ava  Liz (16).
Erica Team Headshot

Erica Zoller

What is one irrational fear you have? Balloons. I know. It’s ridiculous. Obviously I didn’t pick it:)

Hailing from the Garden State, New Jersey, Erica has found permanent roots in the mountains of Western North Carolina with her darling family of four. Priding herself in not having a northern accent (thanks to studying non-regional diction), she will enthusiastically share with you how a pork roll, egg and cheese sandwich activates all four sections of her brain – and delights the stomach as well. Can I get a Wawa?!
Pushing over a decade in marketing, graphic and web design, and creative communication, Erica can be summed up as a fast, fearless freelancer with fantastic eyes for detail!
When she’s not building and nurturing client relationships, she’s a devoted wife to Andy, and proud mama to her girls, Emery and Hayden.
Rachel Team Headshot

Rachel McMichael

Would you rather have the ability to speak every language or play every instrument? Why? I would rather have the ability to speak every language! While it would be totally fun to play every instrument (and my musically challenged self would love to learn the piano and violin again), when I think about the impact speaking every language could have on the spreading of the gospel, and what it would mean to be able to communicate easily and effectively across the world — just WOW! Sign me up for that gifting today!!

Rachel McMichael is The Techspert® for women in online business. Through her Agency and Online Courses, she’s here to show you how managing the tech in your online business can become just as fun and relaxing as a coffee date with your best friend. When she’s not taking care of your ads, lead pages, sales funnel systems, and website development, Rachel’s spending time with her adorable preschooler, sipping on an iced coconut milk latte, and getting ready for the birth of her baby boy! Check out Rachel’s regular stories, tips, and inspiration on life, biz, and all things tech at rachelmcmichael.com.