We know using the gifts God gave you is important to you – that’s why you’re here. So as we enter the last few weeks of the first half of 2018, we thought it would be helpful to give you five fast facts to see if the swHw Business Tracker is the accelerator you need to max out God’s purpose for your business.

It helps you reverse engineer your goals.

Have you ever known exactly what you want the end result of a project to look like, but you’re not sure where to start or how to grow over time? Because the swHw Business Tracker format progresses your planning from quarterly to monthly, monthly to weekly, and weekly to daily, you’ll be able to break down your big business goals into bite-sized tasks by simply following the prompts.

Writing it down WORKS.

What we say isn’t always what we do. Simply writing it down is a HUGE forward step of intentionality. If you know you’ve been holding back from what God has called you to pursue, it’s time to take your personal accountability to the next level. The swHw Business Tracker can help!

Get a sneak peek of the layout here:

Spend more time now; save more time later.

In using your tracker, you’re likely to find yourself writing down more than you ever have in terms of tracking your business. But once you get in the habit of taking the few extra moments to track your activity, you’ll find yourself saving yourself so much time later. Who was that person I was talking to? What was that quote I read that inspired me so much? What was that marketing idea I thought of in the middle of that conference call? No more wondering. It will all be right there in your tracker. (P.S. Did someone say stress-free social media posting? Yes please!)

Our main goal is to keep you focused on what matters most.

In the midst of your planning, our pages remind you to pursue what your business REALLY needs, such as humility and hard work. Daily, you’ll be guided to begin your work day in prayer and gratitude, then conclude your work with the question of how your day’s work honored your family. Business is never just business as a believer, and our planning pages reflect that.

Click the picture to find out what ‘holy hustle’ means.

“The business mentor that sits on your desk” isn’t just a tagline; it’s truth.

We know that you probably know what to do. But just as it’s helpful to have a business mentor to push us or reel us in, help us dream big or focus small, or pray with us or plan, depending on what the moment calls for, that’s what the swHw Business Tracker is designed to do. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter if you know the answers if you’re not being asked the right questions. These pages ask the questions that every Christian woman in business must evaluate – but few take the time to ask and answer.

Need that nudge to take that next leap of faith? We truly believe the swHw Business Tracker can help you – no matter if you’re days or decades into your business.