5 Questions to Determine if You’re a Secure or Insecure Leader:

  • When others succeed, do you celebrate or compare?

  • When you fail, do you make excuses/blame others or own the mistake?

  • What do you spend more energy on: gaining followers or creating leaders?

  • When others disagree with you, do they agree publicly/complain privately, or do they disagree to your face and without fear?

  • Do you give more energy to where God has you right now or where you want Him to take you next?

When our identity isn’t founded in Christ, insecurity will always be a struggle. When we don’t have the right view of God, we won’t have right view of ourselves OR others. The worldly view keeps us stuck to a sliding scale that either feels inferior or superior around others – both of which are wrong. Michelle is not holding back any truth as she digs back into the life of King Saul to tackle the needed topics of the relationship between insecurity and identity. Click the button below to join the swHw Membership and get access to her class!

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