“Buy followers from us for your social media account!

Make everyone else think they’re missing out.”

Don’t re-invent the wheel! Just duplicate this process,

and you’ll bring in money every month.”

“With us, you set flexible work hours. Work when you want,

where you want, and still score a paycheck!”

That’s the world we live in, right? Everywhere you turn, someone is trying to teach you how to make more money with less work.

They hook you with a shortcut. And not just any shortcut. With just a few “easy” payments, you can bypass some of the hard trenches of business ownership.

Or so they claim.

Today, it’s time to get real. I’m tired of the false claims and cheap promises.

Business ownership is not easy. And anyone who tells you that it is wants something from you more than they want something for you.

 Is business ownership worth it? Yes.

Would I trade what I do for any other job? Absolutely not.

But it’s not easy.

Business ownership is not fancy trips, cool websites, styled photoshoots, gaining “followers” and constant approval and affirmation. (Although, that’s easily the perception on social media!)

But business ownership, especially if you’re here in the she works His way trenches, also means working in strategic pockets of early mornings, late nights, and school/nap times. It means “brave” strangers on the Internet typing things that hurt your feelings way more than you know it should. And for every public praise, there are probably a handful of complaints or suggested preferences waiting for you in your inbox.

A few weeks ago, I had a good friend tell me, “I think I want to start a business because I just need a place to feel appreciated. This season with young kids is so stressful. I think a business would make me feel like I was important.”

Before I could stop myself, the words, “Buy a puppy!” came out of my mouth. (Thankfully, she’s a good friend, so she’s used to my bluntness!)

She laughed, and with a bewildered look, asked, “What in the world does buying a puppy have to do with starting a business?”

“Buy a puppy,” I repeated calmly. “If you’re starting a business because you just want to feel loved and significant, I promise you, buying a puppy will get you what you want much faster.”

So I have to admit, when we started the development of the swHw Business Tracker, I knew immediately that I didn’t want it to be one of those tools out there that advertises that it unlocks the “secret sauce” to business.

I didn’t want to contribute to duping women into buying something that would only create more feelings of failure and inadequacy.

I wanted a resource that combats those tools.

Too often, I see business advice focusing solely on the tangible action steps that everyone sees.

This is how often you should post on social media…

These are how many emails you should send out…

This is the best platform to build your website on…

And while knowing that information is important, those are marketing guidelines, not business tips.

And even if you have the best marketing there is, without a premiere product or service to back that marketing, you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

Businesses are built behind-the-scenes, not on platforms.

So with that in mind, we created the swHw Business Tracker for three main purposes: to end the glam, to guide the grind, and to give God the glory.

End the Glam

Too often, we prioritize what everyone else sees of our business. And when we do that, our actual business takes a significant hit, and along with it, the very reason why we started our business in the first place.

I’m not telling you to quit your social media accounts. But I’m telling you that if over time, you’re more consistent in posting about your business than actually working in your business, you won’t be in business long-term.

This tracker isn’t about checking off a list quickly. It’s going to require thought, effort, and more than likely, some failure. It’s going to require some hard relational work.

Businesses are built on the foundation of habitual work that occurs outside of the spotlight. So that’s what the tracker focuses on – the behind-the-scenes stuff that no one sees.

When we do those things, the “spotlight” moments become an easy sharing of what actually happened in your business, not trying to be cute and clever without any real business activity to back it up.

Guide the Grind

Alright, we get it. Business requires hard work. But what should I do if it’s the stuff no one sees?

The tracker guides your grind. I can’t give you the specific answers for your business, but I can ask you the right questions that prompt you to the right answers. It’s like having a business mentor that sits on your desk to stir your heart for your purpose…over and over and over again.

You might not be able to fill out every section right away. But those holes reveal one of two things: room that your business has left to grow, or weaknesses you need to work to improve. Don’t be paralyzed by the gaps; use them as motivation to learn and grow.

Give God the Glory

It’s so much easier to keep our pride in check when we begin our business time by inviting God in and purposely track how we see His hand moving in our work.

Honest time: it’s much easier to stay dependent on God when we “need” Him. And the more you scale and grow your business, and you start experiencing “success,” it becomes easier and easier to start internalizing that success and believing it has more to do with your talent than His grace.

We must be intentional to give credit where credit is due, or we may be in danger of succeeding in business but failing at what matters most.

Every day, the tracker will put your focus on Him, so you can do what He’s called you to do in His power, not your own.

So that’s the truth behind the tracker.

It’s not for the business owner that’s looking for a shortcut to success.

It’s not for the entrepreneur who is looking for a passive income investment.

But if you have a God that has called you to a purpose you know you can’t quit on, the swHw Business Tracker is for you.

Pre-orders begin in November. Get on the list (We’ll have bonus perks available for this list only!) at keepmyhustleholy.com.