I recently had an emotional breakdown. There were a lot of circumstances out of my control happening, and one night, I finally broke down. I realized that I had been fighting for so long to “have it all together” and act like my life was going 100% planned by me. Because isn’t that what we want others to think–that we’ve got it all together, we’re never thrown off our game, and we trust the Lord 100% of the time?

I can tell you from experience, that’s wrong. It’s a lie and it’s wrong. We don’t have it all together. We’re thrown off our game when we’re given a curveball, and we don’t trust that the Lord has our best interests in mind. We’re human. Our sinful nature is to not trust in Him.

When I finally stopped fighting, I realized 2 things:

  • I was believing Satan’s lies, not God’s promises.

It finally hit me that I had believed the enemy’s lies for so long. I thought I wasn’t capable, strong, or confident. I was so far away from God that I couldn’t hear His voice anymore. I couldn’t hear that He was saying, “Teeny, you are strong in Me.”

Satan was using the fact that I wasn’t spending time in the Word and talking with God daily. He snuck in when I was weak and vulnerable. But that’s what Satan’s good at – knowing when we’re weak and using that to his advantage.

I KNOW God’s promises. I’ve heard them my whole life. But I didn’t believe that they were true for me. But let me tell you, sweet friend: God’s promises are true for YOU. You are loved. You are valued. You are beautiful in the eyes of our Creator.

If you believe God’s promises, share it with others. Share the love of Christ with your neighbor.

  • I was being completely selfish.

After I threw myself a pity party and stopped believing the lies, I realized that I was being completely selfish. I was only thinking about myself. “I can’t do it. I am not capable. I don’t want to. I’m too tired.” Do you see the problem? Me, me, me.

But life is not about us, is it? We were created to glorify God. Everything we do should glorify God.

I want to encourage you; if you are deep in the lies of Satan, get in the Word. Open your Bible. Get on your knees and pray that the Lord would speak loud and clear to you. Stand firm in the promises of God.