Feeling overwhelmed by having to produce constant content for your Instagram? Sometimes it can feel exhausting coming up with original captions that your audience will connect with day after day.

Here are 3 tips to help simplify the process so you can spend more time doing what you do best and let your Instagram content be a helpful tool instead of a frustrating distraction!

1. Add value. 

To ensure your caption is always bringing value to your audience, ask yourself: Does this educate, inspire, give a behind the scenes look, or build community? If the answer is no, it will quickly reveal that you may be posting, just to post, without offering any true value to those seeing and reading your content.

2. Create interaction.

How so? If you want  people to not only like your posts, but engage with them via comments or reposts, you have to add a call to action they will resonate with. People love to give input (when they know their input is appreciated), love to give shout outs to their friends, and love to re-post or share content that helps identify them as a person. Here are just a few examples:

What’s your favorite way to make coffee? Share it in the comments below!

Tag a friend who encourages you and let them know why in the comments!

Re-post this if you’re an early bird, too!

Adding a simple question or CTA will make people feel like they are having a conversation with you instead of just being talked at.

3. Be yourself.

Does your caption sound like something you would truly say? Instagram is a way of letting people connect with who you are. If every post is perfectly polished, but you are a more casual, fun-loving person, people will be able to feel that it doesn’t sound authentic. Use your unique voice and let it shine in the caption!