Have you ever experienced horrible customer service? I’m betting that you have, and it’s an experience that you’ll probably never forget.

Customer Service is the support that you offer your members, customers, patients, etc. Customer service is crucial in business AND in ministry. I emphasize AND because often times, I feel like ministries leave this part out. They don’t understand that customer service is the perfect way to show God’s love.

When someone emails or calls with questions or concerns, they should know that they are dealing with a Christian. And by that, I mean they should see that your mannerisms and attitude are like Christ. You are slow to anger. You are patient and you listen to them.

There have been many emails that I have received (not necessarily from swHw members) where I wanted to immediately send them an email back and basically say “I’m sorry, but no.” But what a great opportunity to show people grace! Instead of immediately shutting down and assuming that they are wrong, or that they should have done this or that, why not give them the benefit of the doubt, cover them in grace and mercy, and speak to them in love.

It’s been the times where I have shown grace to someone that stick out to me most. The emails that I receive back prove to me that it was the right decision. We don’t always know the full story and sometimes helping someone out can turn his or her day around. It’s a small glimpse of the unconditional, unstoppable love of Jesus.

Put on then, as God’s chosen ones, holy and beloved, compassionate hearts, kindness, humility, meekness, and patience. Colossians 3:12

As believers, the Bible tells us that we should be kind, humble and patient. We should also treat others with respect. And that means good customer service. No, not just good; customer service with excellence and grace. This should be our attitude in everything that we do in business, ministry, and our daily lives.

Teeny Pineda

Director of Operations & First Impressions