1. Why us? Why our company? 

I like to know right out of the gate the motivation of a prospect team member. This answer often tells me if they are looking for “greener” pastures or if they truly feel our company is the right fit for them. Have they done their research? Do they know who we are, what we stand for, and where we’re going? Some things to watch our for when you hear your interviewee’s response is a lot of complaining about their current employer, or an attitude of arrogance – they are too good for where they are. I want to know they will be an asset to our team but I also want to hear them say something about how they are excited to learn from us as well.

  1.  What’s your jam? AKA – What are you passionate about?

This is a question I ask in and out of the office. First, I just love hearing people answer it. Secondly, this is a sure fire way to know if I can offer my prospect team member the ability to work in that passion. I’ve found after hiring several team members that any job description less than their passion is just setting them up for failure. Of course there are duties to perform that aren’t going to bring a sense of fulfillment and purpose upon completion – like making copies, or sitting in team meetings. However, if I fill the majority of their plate with what they are passionate about, the more mundane tasks will get accomplished and they won’t suck the life out of my new hire. This question will also wave a big red flag if they are unable to tell you what they are passionate about or if you feel like they are just telling you what you want to hear.

  1. 45 days into your probation period (ALWAYS have a probation period – I recommend 90 days) should you get hired, what are some of the reasons I will be thrilled that I hired you? 

This question allows you to hear what your prospect’s strengths are by asking it in a more creative way. This also allows you to establish that there will be accountability and that you will expect to see “fruit” from your hire rather soon. You want to hear answers that aren’t just task related or productivity related but rather big picture answers. Ex. – How are they going to increase profit and decrease cost? How are they going to justify their paycheck? If you are a small company, what specifically are they taking off of your plate to allow you to do more in other areas. Are the gifts and abilities they are bringing to the table the gifts and abilities that you are in need of?

A few more thoughts: 

Growing your team is a wonderful thing! But a bad hire can be detrimental both to office morale and finances. So my biggest advice is to PRAY BIG, we should seek the Lord in every area of our business but especially this one! The Bible tells us to ask for wisdom and God will provide it, (James 1:5) so if you aren’t tapping into that incredible promise you need to.

Second to that, don’t rush the process, even if you’re in desperate need. Be patient and ask questions, lots and lots of questions. Make sure you aren’t the only one doing the interviewing, you need back up here! And take notes that you will be able to look back on and review. When you say yes to a new team member, you are saying yes to a rather large investment in your company. Will it be a good ROI?

Finally, if you are a ministry hiring team members, you need to 100% know about your future teammates walk with Christ. Is there fruit? Is their love for Jesus so overwhelmingly evident that you’d never question it? Will you spur EACH OTHER along in your walk? Many of us in the corporate world are unable to blatantly ask these questions and have to depend on prayer to provide the answers, however, ministry positions are one area where you can speak openly and share openly. So why wouldn’t you?