Did you know we have more recorded words of Jesus speaking about money than we do about heaven or hell?


So if understanding money meant that much to Jesus, it has to mean something to us. In the business world, more money is always better. I mean, there’s never going to be a business best -seller: How to Make Less Money. But as swHw women, while we realize making money is a critical part of running any business, we must first make sure that Kingdom outcome has priority in our hearts over personal income.

It’s our goal as a ministry to view money as one of many resources given to us by God to be used for His glory, realizing loving it is what’s evil, but that it can still be dangerous to us if we don’t keep our motivations and heart in check. This month, we will be diving into what God’s word says about our money and how we can use it to further His kingdom and bring Him the ultimate glory!

We can’t wait to dive into this month’s hot topic with you and we’re praying that we will all have open hearts and minds as we seek God’s wisdom in this area of our lives. Please invite a fellow friend in leadership to join you as a member this month. We are trusting God to move in powerful ways as we learn to trust His provision, seek His kingdom

first, and follow Him joyfully!

Browse below to see the highlights of what’s happening this month inside swHw! We would love to have you join us as a member for this important study & to connect with the amazing women in our community.

How to Be Rich: It’s Not What You Have. It’s What You Do With What You Have
This is a book about money. But it’s not teaching how to selfishly accumulate as much worldly wealth as possible. It’s a stewardship guide of what God’s Word teaches about handling our money. And keeping in line with the swHw mission, we know what happens when we do things God’s way; the results are far beyond what we could accomplish on our own. No matter what your current budget is or isn’t, prepare to be stretched, challenged, and blessed by the truth in these

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Member Challenge
We created this generosity calendar to help us find creative ways to be generous every day this month. Don’t let this calendar confine your generosity to a specific task on a certain day, but simply let it serve as a fun reminder to seek out opportunities to bless others. We’re praying that as we give beyond our comfort zones, it will deepen our faith in God and His great provision for us.
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