I’m so grateful you’ve chosen to take this gratitude journey with us to center our hearts on gratitude throughout the month of November. As I was praying a few weeks ago, God started pressing on my heart not to just give gratitude, but to LIVE gratitude. So, the ThanksLIVING Workbook was born. 

At first, I was just creating it for my personal reflection…but then I realized how it might be helpful for others who like me, don’t want to miss the real reason for holidays. If we’re honest, it’s easy to get lost in the commercialization this world has created. I feel like in my lifetime, I’ve seen the shift from businesses being closed on Thanksgiving to businesses remaining open, starting “Black Friday” deals as early as Wednesday to “edge out the competition.” Don’t get me wrong: I love a good deal. But those deals aren’t worth it if they distract us from being grateful for everything we already have. 

So I hope between the gratitude journaling, Scripture reflections, ThanksLIVING Challenge, and quotes sprouted throughout, you’ll find blessing that comes with contentment. I hope you’ll use the #sheworksHisway and #ThanksLIVINGWorkbook hashtags on social media when you post, so our team can see how God is using this workbook for His good. 

Praying for you as you begin this journey. Thanks for joining us!

In Him,

Download your copy of the ThanksLIVING Workbook at www.thankslivingworkbook.com