I am grateful for a pastor who preaches truth. Each week, I love the excitement in my heart to hear what message God has given him. I always walk away with practical application grounded in Biblical truth.

But last week’s sermon was even better than normal. His words invigorated my heart. I couldn’t wait to share.

I went to seminary thinking that I would work for a church or be full-time with my own writing/speaking ministry.

I had no plans to marry a pastor. In fact, I didn’t really have plans to get married period.

My love for fitness and nutrition? I would brush it off as my hobby, as part of my testimony. But it was funny. No matter how many different jobs I went through to pay the bills in life’s different seasons…

I always went back to fitness. I constantly felt God leading me to pursue a fitness ministry full-time years before I was obedient to actually do it.

As a former people pleaser, my biggest issue was that I didn’t want to disappoint anyone – my seminary professors, pastors and other leaders in ministry who had mentored me. What would they think?

As a former anorexic, I wondered if people would ever regard me as credible. Hadn’t I blown it? Who would ever listen to my advice on being healthy?

Traditional ministry seemed safe. Familiar. Comfortable.

But for me…it would also be disobedient.

I am grateful that I still get to do some traditional ministry on the side — speaking at events, writing (even just for my own sanity), and of course, serving alongside my husband at our church. But for now, that’s not where God wants me full-time.

Maybe you’re like me, and you’re in a different place vocationally than you ever thought you would be, but you know it’s where God wants you. Or maybe you just don’t know how God could possibly use you for His glory in your current work.

Oh, but He can. In SUCH a powerful way.

Here’s the sermon in it’s entirety. Thank you, Pastor Bruce, for putting words to my heart’s desire.