The weight of the world is real. It’s heavy and wearisome. We’ve been there. It’s a load Jesus never intended for us to carry, but it’s so easy to pick up anyway.

We never want to go back, but we also never want to forget.

That’s ultimately why we wanted to share our stories at the very beginning of the SWHW book.

“Achievement was important to me. I told myself all of it would eventually glorify God and that’s how I justified my pace, my mindset and my striving. I even called my work ministry, because as a believer, that’s what I was taught to call it. But I didn’t work as though work was my ministry; I worked like my work was my identity. And with work as my identity, I was empty. Emotionally, physically and spiritually empty.” – Somer

“I was always an approval junkie. Approval was the root of my four-year eating disorder. Approval was why I was frequently changing myself to act like whoever I was around. Approval is still the reason why, without the appropriate boundaries and accountability, I have a natural bend toward being a workaholic. Approval wasn’t just something I liked though. I was living for it. Approval is what I would look to as the solution when I was sad or disappointed. Approval was my idol.” – Michelle Myers

We don’t even have to ask if you can relate, because based on the conversations we’ve been having for years inside this community, we know you can.

But bigger than our confidence you can relate? Our confidence that God can redeem.

It’s all to easy to fall into the trap of simultaneously striving to be who God says you are and who the world says you should be. That’s not balance, that’s bondage. And there is a better way – God’s way.

We tried to cram as many of the lessons He’s taught us and freedom He’s made available to each of us inside this book.

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Praying for you,
Michelle + Somer