We’ve been talking about our upcoming book for the last few months, and now, we’re giving you an advanced free read of chapter one!

We start by “going first.” We tell you how we both tried the world’s way — how it looked good and sounded good, but ended up not being good — because it wasn’t God. We’re betting if you’ve felt the tension between getting things done and doing what matters, you’ve been there too. We pray God’s truth + our stories meet you right where He has you today.

Get Chapter 1 For Free!

Rooted in Him and rooting for you,
Michelle & Somer

P.S. If the first chapter encouraged you and you’d like to read all of She Works His Way: A Practical Guide to Do What Matters Most in a Get Things Done World, the full conversation starts on October 12! Preorder your copy (and claim the rest of the preorder bonuses!) at sheworksHisway.com/book.