I’ve never found myself at a loss for words so often in prayer as I have over the last 18 months. I’m so grateful for the truth of Romans 8:26 – “We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.”

So if you find yourself there too, I wanted to pray these words over you today. Pray them out loud. Pray them with your husband. Pray them with your kids. Change is not what will bring the comfort we crave – only God does that.

let’s pray and praise together:

A Prayer When You Feel Overwhelmed

God, it’s too much.
The world, the news, the pressure,
the expectations, the division,
the tension, the sadness,
the fear, the blaming.

God, just the awareness of
more trouble and more needs
than I could ever meet
often leaves me feeling
anxious, helpless and low.

But praise Jesus, it’s not too much for You.
Nothing is too much for You.
You are in full control.
You see it all. You allow it all.
All because You’re working for
Your glory and our good.
And Your plan will never be overthrown.

I really do believe that, God.
You are more powerful and more wise
than I will ever know or understand.
So I beg you, please help my unbelief.
Strengthen my faith.
Build up my endurance.
Sustain and center my dependence on You alone.

God, I confess that I allow myself to be distracted.
I worry instead of pray.
I research instead of trust.
I get busy doing earthly things instead of waiting with You.
I look for tangible answers to put my faith in.

Answers that deep down, I know will let me down,
But answers that bring me fleeting and false comfort,
And mislead me from real and lasting comfort
that can only be found in Your presence.
Stop me from going down that path, Lord.
I just want to be with You.

God, peace is not just something You give.
Peace is Who you are.
So God, just reveal to me more of You.
Because more of You is really all I need.
I don’t need answers.
I don’t need to know why.
I just need You.

Keep my eyes fixed on You.
My soul kept with You.
My heart hidden in You.
My mind renewed by You.
My hands willing for You.


Praying with you,