Dara LaPorta was reading a book that encouraged her to practice silence and solitude to hear from the Lord. As a fitness professional, she decided she would combine the challenge with her workout and go for a run.

No podcast. No music. Just the open road…and Florida’s heat.

It started awful. It was hot, she was tired, and with every step, she felt as if her legs were tied down with 100 lb. weights. And even worse, the whole point of going for the run was to hear God speak, and all she could hear were her heavy strides hitting the pavement.

Her inner athlete, though, refused to quit, and about halfway through her run, she started feeling good. She got into a rhythm, her pace picked up, and she was pumped that even if she didn’t get to hear the Lord’s voice, she was at least going to get a good workout.

And right as her competitive nature was about to kick in, that’s when she heard Him:

“Do you trust Me enough to walk instead of run?”

Part of her wanted to ignore it. Where was that voice when the run was hard and she wanted to quit? And now that she was feeling good, He wanted her to walk?

Despite her understanding, she walked. And slowly, she began to see God was sparking and confirming something He had been stirring in her for a few years that Somer had shared with her in an email right after she had joined SWHW.

She shared her story and what God has done in her heart since she let go of the pressure and surrendered to live “under her potential” in the world’s eyes so she can live up to her full potential in her Father’s eyes with us in class this week.

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