Unknown. Uncertain. Unsure. Are you sick of those words too? I know I am… but hear me out anyway.

Each of us are walking in the unknown in our lives now — some more than others — but it reminds me of Abraham who “went out, not knowing where He was going” (Hebrews 11:8).

To our human flesh, that’s scary. BUT here’s what we have to remember:

100% of the time when God doesn’t tell us what He’s going to do or when He will do it, He always gives us something better:

He reveals to us WHO HE IS.

And knowing who God is will always produce more faith than simply knowing what God will do.

What if we stopped waiting on God to do something — and we simply were in awe of how He is revealing Himself more clearly than ever before?

I want it to be over too. But what I’m challenging myself with is to lean into the unknown – and begging God to build my confidence in who He is.