If you’ve ever

…cried because it was time to decide what’s for dinner

…lost your mind at the thought of choosing an outfit

…just fallen asleep 30 minutes into trying to pick a movie

…you may not just be “indecisive.” It might be that you’re simply exhausted from making all the world’s decisions…aka decision fatigue.

decision fatigue: the exhaustion one feels after making so many decisions that even the most insignificant asks become overwhelmingly huge and almost unbearable.

Take this quick quiz to uncover if decision fatigue is the root of your frustration:

1. I wake up stressed, anxious or overwhelmed most days.

True                False


2. I make most of the decisions in my home.

True                False


3. I make most of the decisions in my work.

True                False


4. I am the one that everyone counts on to decide where to eat or what to do when I go out with friends.

True                False


5. When people ask me to plan for future things, it irritates me.

True                False

The more “true” answers you give, the more you’ll benefit from this week’s class with Somer: 10 Tips to Fight Decision Fatigue and Overthinking. It may be just the encouragement you need!

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