Have you had one of these questions run through your mind recently?

1. Burnout. It’s happening and it’s real.Encouragement? Advice?

2. I know you answer this all the time… but I feel like social media changes so fast that your answer may change… what would you tell us to do if we’re social media frustrated but have to show up there anyway?

3. I have zero issues doing the work God has called me to do. But I cannot stand marketing myself. But if I don’t market myself, I feel like I can’t do the work God has called me to do. How do we obey God in this tension?

4. I feel like it’s really important that my teenager knows why I believe so differently about certain things than culture, but every time I try to share, it is met with anger and almost seems to push them further away. I am trying so hard to do it with love, can you help me know how to have a conversation that won’t end so badly every time?

5. My husband is not interested in praying together or talking about his walk with God but I really want to. I think it’s important. Should I keep pushing?

6. My husband’s and my parents both expect us to take vacations with them and show up for all of the holidays and as much as I love them, I’m exhausted trying to make the calendar work. I have 3 kids who each are involved in different activities and it’s getting harder and harder to please our families. And is it wrong that when we do have free time I really want to spend it as a family, just the 5 of us?

Can you relate?

These questions were taken straight from Michelle and Somer’s inbox – the questions they’ve gotten on repeat in recent months — and based on the response of our members, we’re betting at least one or two of those hit you in a real way too.

But the VERY best part was the last question Michelle and Somer both answered because it’s truly why this community exists: to encourage one another closer to Jesus.

what’s one of the most powerful ways you’ve seen God show up in your life lately?

And when class wrapped, they asked everyone to head to the members group to share their answer to this one too. (Members, head there now for an instant pick me up + a reminder of God’s goodness!)

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