We wholeheartedly believe that God’s first plan for community is found within the local church. We pray that not only do our members faithfully attend a church in their community, but also that they are active in discipleship, accountability and have a place of service. And because we love the local church so much, we love it’s leaders. Enter: Ask a Pastor.

First up — Jamie Caldwell of South Shore Church (If you’re looking for a church in or around Annapolis, MD, check them out!). He’s not only Somer’s pastor, but Somer’s brother — so as you can imagine, this conversation may have birthed a new genre we’re calling theological comedy.

Here’s a sneak peek at a few of our favorite truths Jamie reminded us with:

“The thing that makes God most unlike you is His grace.”

“Marriage isn’t selfish. Marriage is radically others centered.”

“A Christian that is not being stirred up is like mustard water.”
(Trust us – this was the best analogy ever that once you hear it, you will never be able to forget!)

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