Even if your job or work hours don’t change in the summer, the reality is that working moms still have to shift (even if it’s just mentally!) in the summer because of the change in our kids’ schedules. So it’s no surprise that legit every question that came in for this month’s Q+A centered around rest + productivity in the summer — so that’s exactly what we covered.

Been wondering the same thing? Here are 7 summer tips [straight from class!] for working moms:


You can view summer as a wrench in your plans or a holy disruption.

Perspective matters – let’s choose wisely!


Pressure will stifle your productivity + steal your joy – refuse it.

Whether it’s more frequent interruptions or feeling guilty that your kids are home and you’re not, let’s just agree that putting pressure on yourself will never help you get more done.


Lean into God’s grace — at home and at work, not one or the other.

We usually do a good job justifying one and feeling guilty over the other. [The chat tab went crazy when Michelle shared more about this!]


Prioritize a daily pocket of solitude.

Somer + Michelle have to do this differently during the summer — but they both make it a priority.


Put your kids on “pretend payroll.”

Michelle explained this fully in class — all work from home moms with kids home for the summer need this one!


Schedule a staff party on Monday morning.

Fight the summer slump by being your office’s party captain. And it will probably be so loved it that you keep the title year round! (Somer is ours!)


Keep your eyes on the end goal: to be more like Jesus.

Even when it doesn’t look pretty or you can’t make sense of it, don’t lose sight of what matters most in every season.

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