Working women who love Jesus wrestle with tough questions:

  • How can I be effective in my work and stay committed to the gospel?
  • How can I be dedicated to my family when my job is so demanding?
  • Why am I working so hard and still so unfulfilled?

Answering these questions (and more!) in…

She Works His Way Book

Sound familiar? Like you, we see a culture that promotes success at all costs, and working women are falling for it. Priorities are shifting. Marriages and homes are unraveling.

Things are getting done… but are we doing what matters?

And that’s why we (Michelle + Somer) wrote this book. It’s the story of how we traded the lies of the world for the truth of our loving Father: the lessons we learned that challenged culture’s “good things” so that we could find the greatest thing.

PRE-ORDERS ARE OPEN NOW! If you plan to get this book, will you please go ahead and pre-order it now? Here’s why pre-orders matter: they tell retailers the book is important and that they need to carry stock of it. Otherwise, they won’t. So that’s why we are asking you to pre-order. So much of our ministry reach has been online so far, and we know there are many offline working women who fight these same battles too, and we long to reach her in stores! We can’t do this part without your help – thank you in advance!

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