If a planner has ever felt overwhelming…
If keeping up with a planner feels like another job…
If adding to your planner induces anxiety…

You’ve probably got the wrong planner. Or at least the wrong planner for you.

The 3 Step Planner, created by Somer Phoebus, is simple. No stickers, no frills, and no color coding required. Just clear direction and perfectly placed prompts to help you take all the to-dos that are trapped in your brain from overwhelming thoughts to scheduled tasks.

Here are the 3 steps you’ll find inside the 3 Step Planner:

Step 1: The Brain Dump

A Brain Dump is a mental purge. How much better do you feel after de-cluttering your closet? Pretty great, right? Well, you can feel that way about your mind too! A weekly brain dump clears your head, eliminates overwhelm, and inspires you to take action. (Did you know that feeling overwhelmed is one of the top reasons we get stuck?)

Step 2: Categorize it

This is where you get to organize your Brain Dump, and for best results, you’ll want to complete step 2 immediately following step 1. Categorizing your tasks will help you schedule smart when we get to step 3. (And scheduling smart means you’re much less likely to procrastinate!)

Step 3: Schedule it in

Once you finish categorizing your Brain Dump, you can take each task and schedule it in for the following week. The goal is that all of the tasks on your Brain Dump find a time and a place on your schedule. It’s so much harder to ignore a to-do if it has an appointment with you. Schedule the appointment!

*This 6-month edition planner is dated and covers July 2021 – December 2021.

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