We’ve never done this before.

But we have to because we’ve never wanted so badly to jump through a screen and tell you something with our actual mouths.

In class this week, Somer interviewed Nicole Warren, an incredibly gifted leader who has spent 15+ years in Human Resources and Corporate America. What Nicole did in less than 60 minutes was confidently remind us, with all of the passion and enthusiasm you can imagine, that as working women, we really are missionaries in every sense of the word in our workplace.

But she lovingly and boldly cautioned us that in order to walk out our faith we must understand that in our workplace…

“It’s not about the next promotion. It’s about how we can fulfill Kingdom work in corporate America.”

And then she proceeded to teach us how using practical advice and personal experiences that resonated so deeply. We left class with a fire in our heart and an even deeper desire to work His way.

We just can’t keep it to ourselves though. So we’re making Nicole’s class available to you as a one time purchase even if you’re not a member.

We have a couple of options for you:

1. You can purchase the class for $20 here.

2. You can join SWHW for $15/month (which you can cancel anytime) and have instant access to this class and our entire class archive + a resource library full of helpful tools created with you, a woman who works, in mind. 

Either way, we hope you’ll watch. You don’t have to be a member to be on mission with us. If you’re a believer shining a light in your workplace, we love you and we’re praying for you and we hope this class encourages you to keep going, or to go bigger.

Rooted in Him and rooting for you,
the swHw team