Michelle did not hold back in this weeks class on humility. It’s a hard conversation to have because as humans, we all struggle with pride. But the fact of the matter is, our pride will affect our work for the kingdom, and kingdom work means too much to us here at SWHW to stay silent. So we went for it.

But how do we fight against our pride? Michelle spent the majority of class yesterday helping answer this question, using God’s Word to guide us, and a lot of practical advice.

One of our favorite takeaways was the simple (but not easy!) reminder that we will have to FOCUS on increasing the Lord in our lives and decreasing ourselves. It’s completely opposite of what the world shows us, but as much as we love to believe that we are good at multitasking, or able to divide our attention, we are not. Because when we try to focus on two things, we’ll more than likely end up missing out on both.

We have to pursue humility.
We have to fight for humility.  
So that we can live the gospel in a way that allows others to see Christ, not us.
There was so. much. more. packed into this 55 minutes, so if you’re interested in watching the entire class,  join SWHW now for instant access to it along with the class notes that we took for you. As a member, you’ll be able to download helpful resources immediately in our digital resource library, and you can catch up on dozens of our most popular classes in the class archives. We can’t wait to introduce you to the other women who are already here and get to know you.