Erin Cox, founder of The Gentle + Classical Press and the Life Abundantly Blog, and long-time SWHW member gave us a whole new perspective on the topic of self care in this week’s class.

It can be hard to recognize your own limits and needs when you are constantly serving others, whether that be your children, your husband, or your clients and team at work. But when we begin to feel burned out to the point that a solo trip to the grocery store feels like a spa day, it might be time to step away.

Though many of us would rather not admit it, we all require rest + solitude in some way. And as forbidden as it sounds, Erin reminded us it’s not only okay to take a break, breaks are good and important. Taking intentional time to recharge and reset by spending quality alone time with Jesus can help put the joy back into your daily routine.

Bottom line: In order to serve our family the way Christ asks us to, we have to stay focused on His plan and filled with His Truth. And sometimes that means we need to step away for a bit and get quiet.

We can almost hear you asking though… so how does one take this intentional retreat? You know….what about when there are kids to feed, husbands to support, and work waiting? That’s exactly what Erin talked us through in class!

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