Our monthly Q+A is always special because our members are the ones that provide us with the class material. But this month it was extra special because the questions weren’t just randomly submitted. Instead, they were some of the best and most asked questions that we pulled from Michelle and Somer’s personal inboxes and DMs, born out of previous conversations that we’ve been having in our classes all year.

At SWHW we believe in teaching + training, but we also believe we’re called to be a community where our members know it’s okay to push back and ask questions. And when they do we will always point them directly to God’s Word and the Holy Spirit for their answers.

And that’s what happened in class Wednesday. Michelle and Somer shared their personal burdens that have ultimately led them to their callings in life and then answered some hard questions using Scripture as their primary source of information.

Take a look at the 7 questions we covered in class and if you decide these are the kinds of conversations you want to have, become a member and enjoy instant access to the full April Q+A, along with the class notes we took for you, and so much more.

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