When we walked away from class this week, we walked away challenged.

As Somer talked through the 10 Things We Need To Be Careful Needing, she brought every single one back to Scripture in a unique way. After each point, she used someone from the Bible to help us see what might have been if they had allowed themselves to be distracted by what the world told them they needed in order to move forward in their calling.

Below, you’ll see those examples and you’ll also get a glimpse of some of the needs we chatted through. If you haven’t had a chance to watch this one yet, the recording is available for you to access in your member portal or the members group. And as usual, we took notes for you!

Can you imagine…

Can you imagine if Moses needed the Israelites to affirm him in order to keep leading?

Can you imagine if Ruth decided not to go with Naomi because her vision board didn’t have “move in with your mother-in-law” on it?

Can you imagine if the prodigal son’s father demanded an apology before letting him come home?

Can you imagine if Paul needed a salary to start his ministry?

Can you imagine if Barnabas was more interested in building his own following than encouraging and vouching for the newly converted Paul?

Can you imagine if the disciples asked for a 401k before committing to Jesus?

Can you imagine if Jesus avoided friendship with Zacchaeus because they didn’t have much in common?

Can you imagine if David had said no to fighting Goliath because he wasn’t the best fighter?

Can you imagine if Deborah had said no to going to battle because she was a girl so she wasn’t allowed to be the general?

Head to the member portal to find the recording and after you watch, meet us in the member group if you want to talk it out!