Q+A is our favorite class of the month because the questions always come in with zero room for fluff + 100% proof that this community is passionate about living boldly for Christ in every area of life.

Here are 7 (of the 12!) questions we covered this month:

1.  How do you know when it’s appropriate to monetize your calling? Or could you just talk more about calling vs. purpose vs. vocation? As someone business-minded, my mind goes there first when I think of a new idea.

2.  Where do you think our churches and young believers are most vulnerable when it comes to post-modernism in the church?

3.  I’m an entrepreneur who God called to slow down the running and building of businesses to be all in at home and to homeschool my kids. I want to do what He has asked me to do, but sometimes I feel like I am losing myself in this new role. How do I walk in obedience and not let the noise all around me, my ego, or my personal desires interfere?

4.  My husband and I are in ministry and even before that I have always been everyone’s “strong” friend. The one who can stay calm and listen, and the one who everyone brings their heavy stuff too. But the problem is, sometimes, I resent that because I have nobody to go to. As I get older I am noticing that a lot of my friendships are one-sided… what should I do?

5.  When my kids are old enough to start recognizing the brokenness of the world and sin creeping into lives of people we are in community with — I want to protect their innocence, but I also want to stand for truth. How do you navigate these hard conversations and topics in your home?

6.  I’m really, really trying not to get frustrated by the dip in social media engagement.  I know I’m not the only one, so I realize it’s the platform changing – not me or my message. But tips for those of us who need a social media presence for our job but are seeing less and less of a return on our time there.

7.  Any advice for a young professional wanting to honor God in her career?

If these are the kinds of conversations you long to have with women who love Jesus fiercely and instantly get you, join SWHW. We don’t take lightly that we call this a community, and we suspect you’ll figure that out fast. Expect to be encouraged, strengthened and called UP — we can’t wait to come alongside you!