You can learn a lot about someone by the questions they ask… so in case you’ve been curious to know if the SWHW community is right for you, here’s a few of the questions our community wanted to talk about in this month’s Q+A:


In a season of waiting, how to determine if God is wanting you to be patient, do His work where you are right now, or if he’s saying this isn’t for you anymore, take a leap of faith and move on? // I would second this. I’m struggling greatly working in the secular field. Are my urges to leave, me or Him. Is it me being uncomfortable or really the Holy Spirit nudging me?

How do you move forward in answering God’s call when you’re confident in His calling, but your spouse isn’t on the same page?


I will start a new job next week! How does one begin well when a new door opens?

My team seems to be in a really low place with the pandemic and moral just feels really heavy and dark. How do I help my team to find joy again in what they’re doing and how they’re serving instead of an attitude that’s more like “just hating life and trying to survive”?

I have a few clients that are more demanding than others. My less demanding clients, who just don’t ask for as much, don’t get the same amount of my attention. Any advice?

Got any tips for working for a toxic boss?


I love my husband and parents so much… but they struggle to get along because of some things that have happened in the past. Help?


In my networking, I come across a lot of people who ascribe to that vague “spirituality” and “energy-ness”. I struggle with how to speak about the Christian faith in a way that relates to that, but makes it clear that it’s so much more than their imprecise belief in “something” or the “universe.”

Sometimes when I ask non-Christians for prayer requests or offer to pray for them, I feel like there’s this big pressure for those prayers to get answered (visibly). If God doesn’t give them what they want, I always think it can lead them down this path of “why didn’t God answer and help me?” Any advice on how to approach offering prayer to not-yet Christians?

What would be your top 3-5 things to look for in a church when you are searching for a new church home?

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