God, family, and work…in that order.

You’ve probably heard us say it before. That phrase may even be the reason you connected here in the first place.

And that’s also why even though you are a professional woman, the “work” we talk about here won’t always be the work you’re paid to do. But the “works” of she works His way apply to that priority order:

  • cultivating your personal relationship with Christ
  • continuing His mission of making disciples
  • marriage
  • parenting
  • serving your local church and community
  • friendships
  • viewing your workplace as more of a mission field to serve than some corporate ladder to climb.
  • how you work > what you do

Because each of these areas requires our intention and our effort. And what’s more important should get more of our effort — not less.

But somehow, despite what we know or even desire, it happens. And before we know it, our “priorities” are on autopilot, and even worse — we expect them to thrive anyway.

I remember being young in ministry and a mentor telling me, “No one else will fight for your family, so you must.”

He was right. You will have to fight for your family. But I’m also insanely grateful to tell that we will never stop fighting for your family with you here.

We will never pretend like your career is more important. And even though it probably costs us in those who only want business training, we will never stop talking about the real and practical work we need to do in what matters most… even if it’s the work that doesn’t come with a paycheck.

Lauren Diggs shared her story of marriage and forgiveness with us this week, and she ended with her top seven reminders for a healthy marriage, and we wanted to share them with you:

Lauren, thank you for sharing what God has done in your marriage with us and for pouring into all of our homes and marriages with your wisdom and vulnerability. Members, don’t forget to download Lauren’s Grounded Wife devotion in your digital resource library.(Want access? Join swHw here.)