In this week’s live swHw class, we talked about a word that gets pushed to the back burner ALL. THE. TIME.


Somer answered these 3 big questions in about 45 minutes and with as much honesty and transparency as possible…

So, you just need to go watch the whole class and let Somer talk you through how to quit wearing busy like a badge of honor so that you can live your life not just open to Divine interruptions, but positioned for them.

Really, go watch it now!

We’ve got the class recording + class notes ready for you here!

P.S. This class was also the perfect prequel to next week’s godly goal-setting workshop with Michelle. As a reminder, our brand new to 2021 workshops (included with your membership!) are open to non-members for $20! So this is the perfect way to invite your friends to check out swHw. PLUS, because setting godly goals won’t matter much if we don’t have the margin to pursue them, we will be offering this class recording for FREE to anyone who registers for the workshop over the weekend. Please help us spread the word! Your friends can sign up here.