Without question, these last few months have thrown you a role you never thought you’d have (homeschooling mom, medical professional in the middle of a global pandemic, IT director for virtual school, designated friend to coordinate Zoom game night, online church volunteer, etc.)

Have you done it perfectly? Probably not. (If you have, don’t admit it. You’ll lose friends.) But you’re still here. And God is still good. And we have been insanely proud of the faith, joy and light we continue to see in the women God has gathered here.

But we also see your fatigue. And we don’t just see it: we feel it ourselves. We have less margin than we ever have. And at the same time that we have less margin, living out the swHw mission has never been simultaneously more difficult and more important.

So we’re asking you to do something that is going to sound a little logistically crazy.

Come to class every week in January.

Because we’re experts? No.
Because we have every answer and all the solutions you’re missing? Nope.

But because the enemy has two tools that he uses most often to throw God’s children off track: lies and isolation. And friends, for most of us, our current circumstances give Satan the upper hand to make lying to us and isolating us easier than ever.

We don’t make promises we can’t keep here. We can’t guarantee that becoming a swHw member will make your business go viral or ensure you get the promotion… but we will promise you two things:

  1. We do not veer from God’s truth.
  2. You will be instantly surrounded by women who remind you that no matter how much it may feel like you’re alone or you’re the only one who thinks like you do… you’re not.

So it may technically feel like a season where you shouldn’t add anything else to your schedule. But what if I told you coming to class, even though it adds something to your schedule would cut down your overwhelm and subsequent confusion?

And even though it was “one more thing,” it would feel like less?

When we remind ourselves of what’s most important, that’s the only way that less important things actually become less important. Otherwise, the overwhelm makes every thought that enters your brain feel like an emergency. And everything is not an emergency. Even in a global pandemic, everything is not an emergency.

So swHw, here’s a quick review of this month’s Q+A.

These are the kinds of conversations you can expect to have every week:

  • how to see surrender as victory vs. giving up

  • practical ways to live the gospel in the corporate world

  • how to “be still” with God when your personality bends toward productivity

  • tips + help with hiring/interview questions

  • making the transition from friends to co-workers

  • creating social media content that engages without using click bait and cliche tactics

Circumstances can absolutely overwhelm. And many of you are in circumstances that we cannot change. But circumstances aren’t the only thing that can overwhelm. We can be overwhelmed by God’s presence, by God’s goodness, and by God’s love too. Let’s not forget that.

I hope to meet you in class next week. And I’m glad you’re here.