There’s nothing “basic” about great graphic design, but there are some easy elements to consider and some you should avoid before you start designing! Here’s a sneak peek into our members only resource this month:

DO: Be Consistent with your Branding

Beyond the use of your logo, typography, colors, and photos in a design, using them consistently (and correctly) is essential in launching and sustaining your brand. All these elements as a whole bring your brand to life!

  • Your logo isn’t your whole brand, but it is the basis upon which you will build everything else. It’s the most visible branding asset that people will identify as you or your business. Be sure it is legible, not pixilated or stretched. If you don’t have a brand guide, consider investing in one to establish all of your brand elements – especially if you have a team of designers or are going to be outsourcing design work.
  • Choose and use fonts (probably some used in your logo) consistently across your pieces. Same for colors – over time, the repetition of color usage, font usage, and your logo will solidify your ‘look’ and make yourself easily identifiable in a sea of businesses.

DON’T Forget Who You are Designing for

Every audience is different and every chance you have to communicate should reflect that! In this case, it’s not best practice to make a design for everybody. If you really take a look at who you want to be your ideal customer, then it becomes evident that your product or service really isn’t for everybody. Things to consider when designing for your audience:

  • Age: what age range is most likely going to appeal to your design?
  • Gender: is it specifically for women or maybe just men? Use different design aesthetics based on your response. This can be color choices, fonts, images, content, etc.
  • Location: what works in California might not be best for someone who lives in rural town, USA. It might not even be someone in the USA!
  • Industry: is this for a stay-at-home mom or a working woman (or maybe a mom who works?)
  • Beliefs: yes, you CAN design based on morals and ethics (if that is your audience!)

Those are just a few categories to start with. The idea is to try and understand your target audience and create a design and share a message that speaks directly to your specific client!

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