To the swHw moms,

You are not in control. That means you can’t make a decision “right” enough to set your kids up for guaranteed success and you can’t make a decision “wrong” enough to ruin their life.

The voices and opinions of others that are keeping you up at night come from people that do not live in your house, did not birth your child, and will not be there at the end of this upcoming school year to cheer for you when it’s all over. And trust me, that day will come! Before you know it, this school year will be behind us and your child will have been loved, cared for, and in one piece.

God loves your child more than you do. You need to get that. You may have given birth to them, but He gave life to them, He gave breath to them, and He has a purpose for them. And there’s not a pandemic big enough or a school year weird enough that can change His plan for them.

Ignore the noise of the world.
Listen to the voice of God.
Rest in the Hands that are holding your child — and you, too.

Read it, then read it again. Bookmark it and screenshot it. Text it to a friend, and share it your page. But most importantly, BELIEVE IT. God gifted you with the beautiful task of being your child’s mom, but He’s still God. Your God and their God.

And He is in full control.

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