In case you don’t already know, I have served as Executive Assistant to Michelle and She Works HIS Way for the past six years. Even though Michelle and I are quite opposite from each other, it’s true: opposites attract! We have an incredible working relationship, as well as a personal friendship.
Inside this resource, you’ll find a sneak peek into some of the every day tasks I do that have tremendously helped free up Michelle’s brain space so she has more time to do what she’s great at—being a visionary. So if you’ve got a supervisor, try a few of these tips to WOW them by doing tasks they probably don’t even know need to be done.
Here are two of Teeny’s ten tips:

Take ownership over simple decisions so their brain can be used for big picture and vision.

There’s a high level of trust in an executive assistant/manager relationship. Michelle has empowered me to be able to make decisions on my own. As you know, there is no shortage of decisions when you’re operating a business. As many small decisions as I can make, it frees Michelle to be able to focus on the bigger picture and larger decisions.

Pay attention to what makes you pay attention — and suggest your ideas for how something similar could work for your company. Your supervisor wants your input – don’t wait for them to ask for it. Offer it. You provide a valuable perspective.

Honesty time: I have been with Michelle and swHw for six years now, and I am still learning to speak up. You may not have the best idea in the world – but your idea may lead to a conversation that may help you and your team implement a new strategy, come up with a new promotion, etc. Remember that you may be the only person on the team who thinks like you – but there’s a good chance your business serves customers like you. Your perspective is needed, so make sure you speak up when you have an idea.
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