If there’s one thing a lot of us learned in quarantine, it’s that genuine community can happen virtually. You just might have to work a little harder to get there. At she works His way, we discovered a few ways to take our online meetings as a team and as a community to the next level by valuing connection and including the one element that no leader should ever forget — FUN! 

With so many companies choosing a work-from-home model and so many online businesses, we’ve seen a huge increase in virtual teams (and that’s even before the quarantine happened!)

So how do you accomplish what you need to in your meetings while also keeping the energy up and creating authentic relationships within your team? You go above and beyond whenever you’re all together — aka you make the effort to ensure your meeting is about more than just delivering information! You include connection, laughter, energy, and inspiration. If you want a motivated team, you must be a motivational leader who thinks out of the box.

About four weeks into the quarantine, our swHw team decided with almost everything happening on Zoom that we had to be better about creating amazing virtual experiences for our team and community. And you know what we found out?

It really wasn’t that much harder. It just required a little creativity and a lot of intentionality — two things we should probably be producing on the regular for our people anyway.

So after developing a few ideas, we took five of our best tips and created a new resource for our members called: 5 Ways to Make Online Meetings Better by Having More Fun! It was such a hit we decided to share one of those tips here as well.

Check it out and let us know what you think (you’re going to love how simple yet effective this tip is!):

Take the time to let your team or community know that you’ll be hopping on 10-15 minutes early to chat and talk about things other than the meeting agenda. Think about it: if you were in a conference room together, you’d more than likely partake in some small talk before things went all business anyway. This is how you can do the same in your online meetings without high-jacking the schedule!

Bonus Tip:

Zoom has also created a way to do breakout sessions, meaning you can divide your team/community up into smaller groups and send them to work on something or discuss something and then come back to the big meeting. What a great way to encourage teamwork and connection without adding another meeting to their schedules. Give it a try!

The other four tips are waiting for you inside the swHw membership portal — join now and get instant access! We would love nothing more than to encourage and support you as you work HIS way! 

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