Icebreakers. We’ve all been in awkward settings where the question asked is waaaaaaay too personal for professional settings, or a total snooze fest because you feel like you’ve answered the same question so many times, you could answer for anyone in the circle, not just yourself.

Depending on the question, they can either break the ice, or stiffen the silence, amirite?!

So whether you need a question for a team retreat or regularly occurring team meeting, here are 12 not-overly used icebreaker questions that have been proven both effective and appropriate in professional settings.

General Questions that Can Be Answered in 30 Seconds or Less:

1. Use one word to describe your childhood bedroom. 

2. What’s something most people dislike that you at least low key enjoy?

Personal Questions that Can Be Answered in 30 Seconds or Less:

3. What one-sentence piece of advice would you give to the person who is a decade behind you?

4. What habit do you currently have that most often gets in the way of your effectiveness + what habit do you think benefits you the most in your work?

Fun Questions that Can Be Answered in 30 Seconds or Less:

5. If you were the eighth dwarf (yes, from Snow White + the Seven Dwarfs!), what would your dwarf name be?

6. You have to wear a t-shirt with one word on it for a year. Which word do you choose?

Deeper Questions for When You’ve Got Less People/More Time:

7. What question should others ask to get to know you quickly? And what’s the answer?

8. What’s the smallest step you ever took that has made the greatest impact on your life so far? 

Helpful Questions to Learn Your Team’s Work Style, Strengths + Preferences:

9. You can only pick one: is trust earned or given?

10. If you had to teach a 30-minute class without any notice, what would you teach?

Faith-Based Icebreakers (if your work setting allows!):

11. Think about your best spiritual friend. What do they do to encourage you?

12. What person from the Bible do you identify with most?

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