You have probably read the account or heard a sermon about the women at the well… but have you ever caught that John 4:6 points out that Jesus was weary when He ministered to her? So on top of Paul’s words in Galatians about not growing weary in doing good, we also get to see our Savior’s example for how to put this truth into action.

Here’s the difference between Jesus and the woman: He was tired, but she was thirsty. Over and over again, she had been drawing from wells that left her dry, but Jesus offered her Living Water so she would never thirst again. And that same nourishment is available for each one of us, and there is no substitute for it.

If you couldn’t be with us LIVE, Michelle Myers challenged us to examine our weariness a little closer and here’s the question she left us asking ourselves…

Am I tired from doing good, or do I just need a drink from the Well?

Wow. That’ll make ya think. Right?!

If you’ve struggled lately with weariness (and you are definitely not alone if you have),you’re going to want to carve out a few minutes to watch and maybe even rewatch this class. We promise you’ll be encouraged.

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